How to produce a belt basis

First of all you have to prepare all supplies. Cloth/Fabrics (compact cotton cloth and thick "Kalmuck", also called "Molton" (= molleton or mollitan)), scissors, pattern, pins.

Then pin the pattern onto the thick cotton cloth.
(No, I do not know the gentlemen in the newspaper picture!)
Here the front panel is made as a Turkish form and the back panel has the Egyptian round form.

Cut it out...

Then put this cloth onto the thick molleton and pin it...

Cut it out...

Pin it onto the thick cotton cloth...

Cut it out...

Then sew these three cloth layers with zigzag stitches and then sew the edge with a very wide zigzag and short stitch width (app. 0,5) to reach a compact edge.
You can't see it really good in that picture, although I used turquoise yarn.

I then go on with the triangular front panel.
Now the belt panel comes on the cover fabrics - on the back side!

Cut out very generously...

At the slope edges cut in the overlapping fabric, turn it down and pin it.

Now sew the edge with the sewing machine with a wide zigzags and only a little transport (app. 0,5) and also the rest of the fabric, otherwise it will get in your way during stitching.

This is how it looks from the front side.

Now I go on with the rear part: The darts have to be sewn. Therefore I cut in the fabric several times.
Here I dispersed the upper and the lower edge for the pictures.

Then I put the fabric on top of each other for some millimeters and sew them with a zigzag stitch.
Out of that comes the necessary rounding.

This form is now put on the backside of the cover fabric. If you use an elastic fabric, it should be elastic in cross direction. If not, please take care that the rounding stays in form.

Now cut in the overlapping fabric at the edges, turn it and pin it.
This looks a little awry, but that's okay - it's on the inside!

Then stitch down everything with the always popular zigzag stitch. Also sew the edges and the overlapping fabric down, otherwise it will be in your way during stitching.

And here's how it looks from the front side.

And how does it go on with this belt? Look here!

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